Beginners Guide to Hosting a Kids Birthday Party

How can a birthday be complete without a cake, blowing the candles and some friends cheering and singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song? Yes, we are talking about throwing an awesome birthday party for your little one. Kids birthday parties are fun and surprising for the little monsters. However, organising one is always a tedious task. As parents, you might either be engaged in office work or getting done with the household chores, leaving no time to plan a perfect birthday party for your kid. Moreover, if you’re a first timer in organising and planning out a kid’s birthday party, it is more of hassle. But Splash N Bounce, like always is offering you some party tips that might come handy in planning the birthday party.

Estimate the Total Budget

Create a budget and stick to it. Planning how much money you have to work with will help determine the venue of the party and how much you can afford to spend on food, drinks, entertainment, decorations, party favours and supplies. Without, you run the risk of overspending and not enjoying the party, both of which you certainly want to avoid.

Choose Your Venue: Home or Not?

Choose a location that the guests would most enjoy or feel most comfortable being at. An outside venue handles typically set up and clean-up which may be worth it to you, places such as restaurant, country club etc. However, some people think hosting a party at home is cheaper but if you're planning on having a grand birthday party by renting a bounce castle, tables and chairs set, bubble machine and so on, it is better to have a bigger party venue. Set a financial budget for what you want to spend and where you want the party to be at and if the dates you desire are available at an outside venue.

Sometimes, deciding on a venue can be troublesome. In such a case, you can always approach a party planner to set up a venue for your kids’ birthday party.

Pick a Theme for the Party

Children's birthday parties typically have themes, and the invitations you send relates to that particular theme. When it comes to choosing a kid's party theme, go simple. Ask your child what they'd like as a theme for their party. Maybe it's princesses or pirates or a sports theme. When you've decided on a theme, everything else is an easy decision, including the birthday cake, decorations, and goodie bags. You can always find a party planner who offers a themed birthday party packages so that you get everything included within a single package.

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