5 Activities to Make Your Summer Party Fun for Kids

Having a summer party is a great idea, where you can have many games and activities so that the little ones enjoy. Organise a summer party with sunshine and laughter. Take the summer party outdoors with these simple, budget-friendly summer birthday party ideas; your party will be a huge hit! Here are five great kid's summer party ideas

1. Giant Building Blocks

Building blocks are a fun and creative way for children to play together. Giant building blocks are even more exciting! For very young children, building blocks introduce colours and shapes while helping kids to develop interactive skills. Children often enjoy stacking blocks and arranging them into different structures. This will keep them engaged throughout the party.

2. Face Painting

Simple face painting can be a lot of fun for a kid's summer party. Kids often enjoy having their cheeks all colourful. You can always get in touch with an event planner to arrange for face painting artists who can draw beautiful designs on the little ones' chubby cheeks. From a wide choice of designs – smiley, butterfly, rainbow; let the kids choose the ones that they like.

3. Balloon Twisting

Adding balloon twisting to your summer party will entertain your kids for hours. Hire a professional to create balloon animals for your kid's party and let your kids choose what they would like to see created. They will be delighted when they see a standard balloon transforming into a dog, a sword or flower - the options are endless! The best thing about balloon twisting is, it gives way too much creativity. With balloons, different things can be created and played with. That is precisely the reason why balloon twisting is such a hit for a summer party.

4. Bubble Machine

Who can resist the fun when various coloured bubbles emerge from the machine through the little hoops spinning around? Whether it is a kids summer party or a birthday bash, one thing that can make it a lot more unique is a bubble machine. Every child love bubbles. A bubble machine can be the life of the kid's summer party and is ensured to put a smile on children's face.