The Perfect Pool Party Checklist

Pool parties sound so much exciting and fun, especially when it is the hitting summer and you need a weekend break to beat the heat. Well, the planning part tends to be a little tricky. If you’ve decided on organising a grand pool party this summer and you are inviting all your people, make sure you don’t miss on anything, right from choosing an apt theme, to have a backup for the music. You definitely don’t want to be embarrassed with any such situations. Therefore, here is a bang-on pool party planning checklist made by our experts at Splash N Bounce only for you so that you avoid missing out on anything that might make your pool party look incomplete. Not only the adults, but the kids should enjoy it too.

1. What’s the Theme?

It could be Hawaiian-themed or an inflatable party, choose an apt theme of your choice… Splash N Bounce has a wide range of fun items and pool party products available to deck out your pool in a picked theme. Choose a theme of your choice and make your guests aware of the theme, well in advance – as a trigger to the excitement.

2. Party Invites – Keep it simple!

Once you’ve chosen a theme for your pool party, make sure you have party invites adhering to the same theme. Say you’ve opted for a Mermaid theme; you can create and send out invites to your guests with the same theme – like a blue and purple coloured invite, giving it a bit of an ocean-look. If you wish to save up on time and paper, the best solution would be E-invites. Many party planners provide invites/E-invites as a part of the pool party package.

3. Have you Decided on the Decoration?

Transform your pool party into a perfect ocean-themed area (if that’s your theme). Get your party planner to arrange for and decorate your pool area with some colourful balloons and streamers. It is sure to elevate your party vibe. If you’re planning for a night pool party, create an environment by hanging paper lamps over the pool.

4. Chair & Table Arrangement

People will get tired after a swim or playi