5 Awesome Balloon Decoration Ideas For Your Corporate Party

Corporate parties never get old. In fact, organising a corporate party gives you an opportunity to thank and appreciate your employees in a way for the efforts that they put it towards their work. Being an in-charge or volunteer of organising such corporate parties at your company could be a little demanding. You need to consider numerous things like a good event planner, apt catering service, corporate decorators, list of guests and quite a lot of other aspects. So, to help you out with a part of it, we have some excellent balloon decoration ideas that will add beauty to your venue and make your party place look marvellous! At least, you can stress less on the décor party of your event planning.

But Why Balloons???

• Because balloons provide a festive look.

• Balloon décor is comparatively inexpensive.

• All, young or old, love balloons.

Put balloons in the hands of the event planner, and they can transform an event.

Here are the 5 magical tips for an impressive balloon decoration for your Corporate party:

1. Balloon Arch

Welcoming your guests with a magnificent balloon arch can grab their attention as soon as enter the venue. This will get them even more excited about the corporate party. Check out this beautiful balloon arch. You can have one too, just like this one! You can have a theme coloured balloon arch or one with colourful balloons. Both would be just perfect! Or else, you could use your company colours as the theme.

2. Balloon Columns

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of having a balloon arc, you can move to something smaller, like balloon columns. Balloon columns look elegant. You can have balloon columns placed at either side of the entrance at the venue. Also, you can have balloon columns kept near the buffet table, attracting people attention. A balloon column like this one by Splash N Bounce would be ideal for your corporate event.

3. Balloon Bouquet

These are unique and could make a great centrepiece. Nowadays, many parties are trending towards having such balloon bouquets placed on tables. 3 or 4 helium balloons are tied together in the form of a bouquet which is then attached to a weight to keep it intact. Many party decorators can offer to decorate your venue with balloon bouquets, beautiful like