5 Tips to Organise a Cost-Effective Yet Memorable Corporate Holiday Party

As the year is on the verge of ending, most of the employees are eagerly waiting for their company’s annual Holiday Party. On the other hand, it is kind of a heavy job for the organisation to throw a fabulous party within the lines of a limited budget. It seems nearly impossible to have an extravagant holiday party by comprising on the cost. But there is always a way out to every mix-up and the same applies to this one.

These 5 tips are sure to make your corporate holiday party really awesome and cost-effective at the same time. You don’t always have to spend more to get more. You can get the best within a limited budget too. All you got to do is set the budget and follow the tips provided below.

1. Keep the Décor Simple

corporate holiday party

You need not have a full-on fancy décor to make your party look extravagant and lavish. Even a few colorful balloon bouquets and streamers or linens would suffice. It will definitely make your party look lively and bright. In case you are planning to organise an outdoor corporate holiday party, you can use lighting to decorate the venue. It is a very inexpensive yet brilliant way to create a festive atmosphere. You can have your corporate party planners do it for you and light up the places which will add a majestic glow to your corporate holiday party.

2. Make the Party More-Corporate

corporate holiday party

When we speak about a “more-corporate” party, it only means that organising a party which is more of a business-oriented event like an Award or Appreciation event. This is one of the best solutions to give a go-ahead and motivation to all your employees by recognising their potential and giving away appreciation in the form of an annual award ceremony. This is not only a cost-effective method of party planning, but associating your event with more tangible approaches like these will also help boost the confidence of your employees to perform better in the year ahead.

3. Have a Cost-Effective Menu

corporate holiday party

Food is the soul of an event or party. Your event is determined by the taste and quality of the food that you offer to your guests. Therefore, compromising on the food could sometimes get a little tricky. On a good note, you can save on your cost whilst providing your employees with a great meal. Instead of having a sumptuous buffet, you can switch to plated meals which are comparatively inexpensive and can cut down the cost by greater proportions. You can ask your caterers to bring along some staff who can help serve the guests. It is also not necessary to have extravagant meals to make your food table look more eye-catching. Even a few heavy appetizers can replace a seated meal and cut down the overall menu cost.

4. Choose Small Bites for Dessert

corporate holiday party

Skipping on the rich Chocolate Truffle cake this year can help you cut down on the cost for your corporate holiday event. Even if you end up on saving 1% to 2% of your total expenditure, it is of a great value. The reason behind having mini-desserts is that most of the guests end up taking a bite or two and the rest of it goes wasted. Therefore, you end up paying for something that has gone wasted. Therefore, avoid having lavish desserts and save up on the expenditure.

5. Limit the Alcoholic Drinks

corporate holiday party

Another solution to help you control your spending for your corporate holiday event is by limiting the serving of alcohol. Offering a drink or two would perhaps be adequate. An even better solution would be not serving alcoholic beverages at all. It would help you avoid any potential liabilities too. Therefore, cutting down on alcohol would be a major solution to saving upon the budget for your corporate holiday party.

Bravo! You don’t have to worry about the expenditure anymore. You can throw an amazing corporate holiday party for your employees making sure that they enjoy themselves, have some fun and get motivated and look ahead with a fresh start for the upcoming year. These cost-effective corporate holiday party planning tips are bang-on to help you make the best!

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