6 Pro Tips To Make Your Corporate Family Fun Day A Success

Planning a corporate family fun day is not an easy task, especially when you must ensure that all your guests make it to the party and the party is organized within the constraint of a limited budget.

Prominently, all who attend should enjoy the party, irrespective of adults or children and it is definitely a challenging task to keep a blend of both. It’s important that everything goes as planned, right from deciding the venue to inviting guests, because happy guests are equivalent to a successful party, keeping the company’s name upright.

To make this tedious task a little simpler for you, we have 5 tips that you can use to ensure a smooth flow of planning and organizing a corporate family fun event that you desire, where your guests, parents and their children enjoy and remember this event for life!

1. Choose an Appropriate Date & Venue

It is very important to decide the right time to have your event. An event is incomplete if unattended by the main crowd. So, choose a date when you think that most, in fact, all your guests are free and find it feasible to attend the event on that particular day. It can either be a weekend, where the kids are off from school or a public holiday where all can make it to the party without a hassle.

Another important aspect of organizing a corporate family day event is choosing the right venue. You cannot have a venue where you invite guests in large numbers but having an insufficient area to move about. It will strain movement of people from stall to stall, thus curbing themselves from enjoying the fun day. Make sure you pick an area that is large enough to suffice a suitable crowd, with food stalls and other exhibits.

2. Don’t miss on the Food

Good food decides a good event! Meandering around the stalls and playing games, your guests will surely need some good food. Begin with a few starters to offer them, followed by a sumptuous buffet for lunch. The best option is to hire a reputed caterer in town who can arrange for an appetizing menu along with a valuable service. People often judge by the taste of the food. So, make sure you don’t compromise on this point. Another thing you should keep in mind is you need a have a variety of food, suitable for both, the young and the old. You cannot afford to have your menu enlisted with all diet-friendly food, because not all people are diet conscious. Of course, there are people who look strictly look out for salads, but there are many, especially kids who love the tasty junk food like noodles and pasta. So, make sure this too is added to your menu. Apart from the main buffet, try arranging for a popcorn and candy floss stall so that the kids can grab some bites as they engross themselves in the fun day.

3. Entertainment for the Little Ones

Parents enjoy when their kids enjoy! So, make sure you have something entertaining in store for the little ones as well. Kids love playing with their friends and other children, and that’s exactly what they want to do when it comes to a family fun day, to have fun! Arranging for inflatables, perhaps like a bouncy castle would be the ideal solution to kid’s entertainment. Bouncing and giggling around, in and out the bouncy castle, the little monsters are guaranteed to have a great time. Another way around to this would be hiring stilt walkers and jugglers who will not only keep the little ones engaged, but will welcome your guests and keep them entertained all along the way.