8 Tips to Organise the Best Halloween Party for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner. The little ones are obviously excited to celebrate their Halloween party, wear spooky costumes and some Peekaboo! So, make sure you do all the party planning well in advance so that you don’t let your kids down. You can, any day, hire a great party planner to help you ease the pressure. Besides, if you are creative and wish to make the party uniquely creepy then here are a bunch of simple and budget-friendly ideas to set up a Halloween party for your kids.

1. Spooky Looking Invites

Halloween Invites

Generate the fun-vibe from the beginning and the best way to do this is making some “spooky-looking” invites. Use your art and craft skills to design theme-based invites, perhaps in the shape of the famous Halloween pumpkin (jack-o’-lantern) or a Dracula.

2. Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decor Ideas

The most important thing that will make your party look like it’s a Halloween party, is the way you decorate the venue. Mesmerize your guests with some handmade, creative decor that will set the Halloween mood right. Some eerie ceiling hangings, helium balloons with spooky drawings on it, ghoulish strands of fairy lights or Halloween wall stickers and your party is all decked up. All this can be made at home. Let your kids lend a hand to help you prepare and decorate the place. Don’t forget the main attraction – Halloween Pumpkin ((jack-o’-lantern).

3. Halloween Party Games

Halloween Games

Keep your kids engrossed in games. This way, they will also have some activity and enjoy the party to the fullest. You can organise games like Wrap the Mummy where a player wraps his/her partner with a roll of toilet paper and the group which finishes first wins the game. Another fun game would be Pin the Nose where the player is blindfolded and must walk up to the wall to pin the nose of a ghost or funky character traced out onto a cardboard. In case you want to keep it simple, you can organise board games like Scrabble or Ludo. Setting up a Halloween-themed photo booth with spooky props would also be a great plan.

4. Costumes

Halloween Costume Ideas