5 Things You Should NOT Forget While Throwing a Fabulous Pool Party

The hot summer is here, the sun is shining and right now the kids have one obvious thing on their minds - a pool party. And this is definitely something that is much needed to cool down from the hot weather. Pool parties are the most anticipated and adventurous, something that your kid will love. However, without proper precautions and preparations, a pool party may not turn out to be as safe and fun as expected. But don't worry. You can use the below tips to ensure that you pre-plan the things that would not disappoint your guests, thus making your pool party the most happening and fabulous.

1. Keep the Pool Clean

Swimming Pool

Make sure your pool is clean and hygienic. This pool maintenance and treatment should be done well in advance. Check for the pool floor damages, missing drains and proper functioning of your pool filter. Ensure that your pool is sparkly and clean for all your guests.

2. Extra Sunscreen and Towels

Extra towels

It is evident that not all kids will come fully prepared for the pool party. You surely don’t want to be embarrassed when someone asks for a towel. So, make sure you keep extra towels, sunscreens and other supplies to lend to the kids once the party ends.

3. Hire a Lifeguard

Hire a Lifeguard

This is the most crucial thing if you are planning to organise a pool party. Most of us ignore this point assuming that the parents are keeping a watch on their respective children, without understanding how important it is for a kid’s safety all along the party. Moreover, if you’re hiring water inflatables like bouncy castles or water slides, it is even more important to have at least one lifeguard to keep a constant watch on the children while jumping around or sliding down in the pool.

4. Have a Variety of Pool Supplies

Pool Party Supplies

Kids love pool supplies and toys. The most favourite ones are floating animals,