Pick The Right Birthday Party Inflatable

Kids are often eagerly waiting for their birthday month. What could be more special than celebrating your kids' birthday to make it even more special for them? However, organizing a birthday party for children can be a bit tricky and challenging. Putting up a perfect celebration for friends and family takes up a lot of work at times, but what if it could be easier? You can enjoy the party along with your kids and let the professionals take care of the entertainment. If the birthday party is on a hot summer day, there is no better way to enjoy than renting a water inflatable. Alternately, you can rent a bouncy castle or a jumper and watch how the excitement takes over the party. But are you still uncertain as to what kind of inflatable, bouncy castle or water slide will best suit your birthday celebration? Children of different age groups have different preferences. Here are a few choices which will help you select an appropriate inflatable to make your kids’ birthday party a memorable one!

1. Small Inflatables

If your kid is as small as 2 years old or closer, it is not advisable to have them go on a bouncy castle or a giant water slide. However, they can enjoy themselves in the swimming pool tucked in a small inflatable that is suitable for their age and surely under proactive parental guidance. Small inflatables are easily available in different shapes and sizes, appealing to the kids.

2. Bouncy Castle

For kids above 3 years of age, a bouncy castle is apt! Your kids will certainly enjoy jumping around with their friends in and out of the bouncy castle. Bouncy castles come in different sizes, shapes and themes based on age groups. Kids of age group 7 – 11 years will be looking out for something larger than a regular bouncy castle, something like a combo of a bouncy castle and a slide. This will often allow kids to do more than just a bounce.

3. Inflatable Water Slides

There is a wide variety of inflatables available out there for birthday parties. So why limit yourself only to a bouncy castle? Another fantastic option is an inflatable water slide! There are different types of water slides, some running horizontally and some, vertically. Whereas, some can be used as dry slides or with water. Kids within the age group 7 – 11 years’ love water slides, especially during summer time. You can always choose the one suitable for your celebration.

4. Water Slides with Pool Attached