5 Quick Tips for Throwing a Baby Shower

Very soon, almost anything and everything in your life is going to revolve around your little one. Being a mother is the most precious and blissful thing to ever happen. Thus, a baby shower is an essential form of expressing the delight and contentment in you. Again, planning a party may be frustrating as you need to constantly run around for everything that actually needs to be done and all the struggle with bringing it together. But there are party-planning basics to ensure that the celebration is a success and can help you to keep you focused and least frustrated.

1. Choose a Date

The timing is very much important! You would probably want to have the party at least four to six weeks before your due date, considerably when you are about seven months pregnant. This will ensure that you have plenty of time to organize your gifts after the shower and borrow or buy any necessities for your baby. It will also buy you some time to decorate the venue or look out for catering services for the party. Consult with the guest of honour to select a date and time for her party so that she's probably still pretty comfortable and has the energy to enjoy the party.

2. Send out Invitations

So if you are having a party, you will obviously need to send out invites to your guests about a month before the shower. That way they'll have sufficient time to reserve the date, RSVP and shop for gifts. Even an email invitation is perfectly fine. However, if you are organizing a more formal show, then you should consider sending out paper invites. The answer to the question “Exactly whom to invite?”, best friends and immediate family, co-workers or neighbors, is entirely up to you. However, it is considered wise to invite only those who are closest to you, so everyone truly shares in your happiness instead of feeling obliged to attend the baby shower party.

3. Decide on the Menu and Decor

Two things are the most appreciated at any party, the decor and the food. So, ensure that you pen down these details about two or three weeks before the shower. For the decorations, you can purchase streamers, ceiling decorations and hangings. Essentially, if you are planning on having a grand baby shower, then you can add beauty to the occasion by having balloon columns either at the entrance or near the food table. Finalize the menu, ensuring that it goes well with the guest of honour's tastes. You can also choose to have some desserts and cakes on the food table. If you are craving for some comfort food, try mini sliders, fried chicken and small bowls of salad. You can always hire some of the best caterers in town to get your food menu all set.