7 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Weddings

(*image credit: www.delsolphotography.com)

Inviting guests with children at a wedding isn't easy, but it can be great once you're well prepared. Entertaining children at weddings is up there with one of our most asked about bridal dilemmas. It is not only concerning for Parents who are invited to attend the weddings but the couples planning the weddings as well. All worried that the children would either be bored or would most likely drive their parents insane running around aimlessly or frustrated. Some amusing, kid-friendly entertainment is all it takes. With that in mind, we've come up with a list of 7 Ways we can arrange for some children Entertain at Weddings because a happy crew of kids will make life so much easier on that big day.

1. Outdoor wedding reception – more fun for kids

If you have decided on a wedding reception in a venue which has a garden, or a lawn outside, why not provide a few old school outdoor games in good sunny weather? Fun lawn games such as outdoor Jenga and Connect4, Giant UNO and giant Lego block building will keep them occupied for hours.

2. Fun indoor party with board games

Sometimes the weather may not be suitable for an outdoor reception. If you have it indoors, also set up a children's play area full of board games like tic tac toe, twister and snakes and ladders. A play area should keep the little people busy and occupied while the adults have their share of the fun.

3. Can’t go wrong with Arts & crafts

Kids love to play with crayons, and craft supplies like stickers, glue, glitter, colour paper and more. Art activity with Wedding themed crafts like decorating a cake and making a best wishes card for the bride and groom would create hours of fun for little han