6 Cool Children's Party Entertainment Ideas

1. Blow up a storm with balloons

Balloon twisting is mesmerising to watch. One of the pros of hiring a balloon modeller for any party is that no kid leaves empty handed and always takes something home may it be some animal or a custom-made hat.

2. Face painting for kids

Transform your little ones into butterflies, wild animals or some superhero they love with our skilled face painters; they can make sure your kid's faces change into something magical. Our professional face painter will always use skin friendly colours that would last throughout the party and which can be removed easily after.

3. Party mascots

Imagine the kid’s seeing their favourite characters playing with them? Wouldn’t they be really thrilled? Of course, they will! Mascots add this fun element to any party. Get them to your next party to make it more exciting for the kids.

4. Spectacular magic shows

We have got a perfect way to make your event truly magical -