7 Tips for How to Throw the Perfect Summer Party

1. Choose a theme

Sticking with a theme is the best way to ensure your party is a success. Don’t worry about every nook and cranny but do keep the party organised by choosing a central theme. The easiest way to keep everything looking great is to select a colour scheme for a table setting that pops. And if you don’t have the time for those things you can always hire an event manager that can make the job easier for you.

2. Pick the best menu

Whether you’re entertaining 20 people or planning a romantic dinner for two, the food is what your guests will remember. For smaller intimate affairs you can go for a homecooked meal, or if you want to make it huge, you can hire caterers for your party.

3. Serve refreshing drinks

Nothing says summer better than summer drinks, keep everyone quenched with a round of refreshing beverages. Make your own fruit juices or prepare a jug of homemade lemonade or iced tea. Want a sweeter pitcher of water? Dress it up with fresh slices of lemon, cucumber or a handful of berries.

4. Create conversation pits

We all know that folks tend to gather in areas with food. Set the stage for socialising between guests by making chat zones with comfortable chairs and tables decked with plates filled with your favourite snacks. They’ll be chatting up in no time.

5. Set up games

Who doesn’t love yard games? Set up small games for children as well as the adults. Let the guests get a little loose and enjoy the party more!

6. Light up the night

Don’t let evening put the lights out on your party. Put on some dazzling lights to keep the fun going into the evening. It can be anything from lanterns to cool LED’s that can help you add that sparkle to the party.