Check Out our 6 Favourite 1st Birthday Supplies

Your kid’s first birthday will always be special and something that would be remembered! Regardless of it being a small get-together or going all out we have curated a few of our favourite birthday supplies for making it special.

1. Cakes are the most essential part of a birthday party our very talented cake maker can create any type of cake for you which not only looks good but tastes fantastic too. Get personalised cakes for your kid’s birthday to give it that special touch.

2. Mascots can turn an ordinary children’s party into a memorable event they add a fun element to any party. We have a range of look- a-like costumes you can choose from to meet and greet the kids at your party.

3. Birthday balloons are a must for children’s parties. Children love balloons and birthday parties would not be interesting if they don’t find balloons around. To complete your party, we bring to you our portable balloon service and inflate balloons on the spot in your chosen colours.

4. Time passes but memories don’t. you need to capture those special events in your life. To capture the spirit of your event, our professional photographers can provide a range of services.

5. A colourful soft play area for toddlers to crawl, climb and have fun can be a wonderful option at your little one’s birthday.