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Making School Events Even More Happening

Between Prom, Graduation Day and general school events, it’s not always easy being a kid. That’s why at Splash ‘n Bounce, we believe that youngsters deserve a break every now and then - a reason to celebrate, if you will.

At Splash ‘n Bounce, we’ve formulated everything from activities for graduation party to being your designated prom planner if your event calls for it. Because life is too short to stress about who will be your graduation party planner, after all.


Looking for that special touch for decor, entertainment for your Prom? Give us a call on 04 813 5785/ 050 282 5257

If you’re an educator or even the prom planner at a school, we don’t need to tell you - school activities contain enough drama and emotion. Every year, the duties of arranging the much-anticipated end-of-year bash is enough to stress out even the most seasoned prom organizer out there. Has the honor fallen on you this year? If so, you may just be at your wit’s end arranging everything from food to décor to the latest teenage-approved entertainment. Sound familiar?


Graduation day is a roller coaster of emotions for grads and their families alike. It’s a moment of celebration and achievement Let us take care of the decor, entertainment and party favors to enhance their experience to another milestone.

That’s where we step in. Take our word for it - there is absolutely no need to stress.

Call up Splash ‘n Bounce for a friendly chat with a dedicated prom planner who has had their fair share of year-end party planning. From the décor to the entertainment and even the menu specifics, we’ve got the logistics of your big day all under control.


What then of a graduation party planner? Maybe you’re the proud parent of a fresh graduate and want to congratulate them with a special, sentimental party.

National Day

From heritage tents to camel rides, national day decoration we can help you create a memorable event.

International day 

Looking to showcase your school's culture diversity with a stellar international day set up then give us a call.

Community Days

Bring the community together with great entertainment and bonding activities for all age groups and cultural backgrounds.

We can make your school events even more happening!  

Call on 050 282 5257 or Make an Enquiry 

At Splash ‘n Bounce, we know a thing or two about special occasions. It would be an honor to arrange everything from the activities for graduation party to the food, entertainment and party favors. Because who has time to worry about table settings between the roller coaster of tears and emotion on such a momentous day?


Let’s not forget too that we live in a rich, multicultural society. Dubai is a melting pot of different ethnicities, traditions and heritage.

You may be planning a function that celebrates the variety and cultural diversity of your community. Or perhaps you are the graduation party planner tasked with incorporating the history of the nation into the event’s activities for graduation party? May we suggest something unique to the area such as heritage tents for your special day? We’ve had the privilege of arranging similar events for renowned schools in the UAE with abounding success. Educational entertainment need not be boring and predictable - not when Splash ‘n Bounce are involved anyway.

Allow us to use our graduation party planner expertise to take your commemorative event to a whole new level.

We would love to help you make your event one that will be remembered not only by the students but by parents and staff as well. It all begins with a quick call to Splash ‘n Bounce to discuss the ins and outs of your event. Whether you’re playing the part of prom organizer, graduation party planner or community builder, Splash ‘n Bounce would be honored to come along for the ride.

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