Abracadabra! It’s magic season at Splash ‘n Bounce! Everyone’s favourite magic tricks can now be delivered straight to your doorstep with our magic show for kids birthday parties. When was the last time you were mesmerized by a real-life magic show? Let our mind-blowing magicians show you how it’s done!


A child’s birthday deserves a special treat. No matter how old your little one may be turning, you can be sure they’ve been counting down the days until their big day. We’re here to share in that excitement right along with them. Just how, you ask? Through the shroud and mystery of magic.


Call us up for a chat at Splash ‘n Bounce and we’ll discuss the various options available to you to rent a magician for birthday party. Describe your child to us. Are they bold and adventurous, sporty and vivacious or maybe studious and artistic? We will create a magic show for kids birthday tailored to your budding little magician - with them in the starring role, of course.


We know how tricky group events can be, especially ones involving lots of young children. How do you plan a set of party activities guaranteed to satisfy both boys and girls with varying likes and interests? We have a suggestion: magic! We’ve seen the faces of little boys and girls positively light up at the sight of a magician’s clever tricks and games. After the initial shock and awe fades away, they’re all wonderfully overcome with a fit of giggles. Exactly the sort of fun and mischief every little birthday star deserves.


So, should you decide to rent a magician for birthday party with Splash ‘n Bounce, just what can you expect? Our trained magician will arrive at your child’s birthday bash clad in his professional magician’s cloak, naturally, armed with a whole arsenal of tools and gadgets to enthral and delight your young ones from beginning to end.


His young crowd will gasp with glee as our magician guides them through his repertoire of ingenious magic tricks. Will he pull a rabbit out of a hat, make a bunch of balloons vanish into thin air or amaze with an out-of-this-world magic trick? Enquiring minds will be amazed to see!


Of course, if you’d feel more at ease, we are more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have beforehand. Simply fill us in on any do’s and don’ts and we’d be happy to oblige. It is, after all, your little one’s magic show for kids birthday and we want it to be perfect!


Over the course of 30 mesmerising minutes, our professional magician will show off his most inventive tricks. But did we say it’s only meant for children? Not at all. We’ve seen audience members of all ages gaze in disbelief as we shock their socks off. Magic comes in all shapes and sizes, after all - you’re never too old to be amazed!


So whether you want to rent a magician for birthday party, a family fun day or even a corporate networking event, a Splash ‘n Bounce magician has your party entertainment in the palm of his hand. Abracadabra indeed!

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