Remember the last time you took a silly, over-the-top photo with your best friends? We bet it was in a funny photo booth at a wedding, right? Here’s the thing - we don’t think the silly memory making should be reserved only for wedding receptions. All of us love snapping silly pictures with our nearest and dearest, no matter where we are. That’s why at Splash ‘n Bounce, we’ve heard your call. No matter the age, theme or event, we will provide your perfect photo booth rental for birthday party… in fact, any party at all.


And if you thought a photo booth rental cost and arm and a leg, think again. You haven’t arranged a photo booth hire cost with Splash ‘n Bounce yet. For a minimal fee, you will be provided with a photo booth rental for birthday party plus all the trimmings included. We’re talking technical equipment, a specialized all-inclusive booth plus the hire and setup added into the photo booth rental cost.


Then there are the props. Have you settled on a special theme for your big event? Well, if you haven’t, best get to it. Included in Splash ‘n Bounce’s photo booth hire cost is a selection of quirky party odds and ends. Hats, silly glasses, funny noses… the list goes on. Tell us your theme and our wildest, wackiest props come along for the ride, all as part and parcel of your photo booth hire cost.


We’ve all been to those events where the host invites a bunch of their favourite people except… not everyone knows each other. And because you’re meeting most people for the first time, there are only so many topics that you can comfortably cover. The host can’t be in all places at once so naturally the conversation dips. One way to prevent this? A photo booth rental for birthday party with Splash ‘n Bounce. We can almost guarantee that there won’t be any lull in the flow of your event.


Is your party some sort of group function that includes both young and old? Let the kids practise their funny poses while the adults get on with the speeches. Or perhaps it’s a corporate team-building exercise? Surely there can be no faster ice-breaker than a funny photo bomb! And then, when it’s time to view the pictures, you get to relive the fun and revelry all over again. More than worth the photo booth rental cost, we’d say.


Watch your party guests become fast friends as they primp and pose in front of your special lens. Who would ever expect your shy cousin to take a funny photo dressed in a pink wig and oversized glasses? With a host of props and accessories to choose from, your guests will find themselves having the unexpected time of their lives - all thanks to a photo booth hire cost price experience.


So if you’re still wondering if your next shindig could do with a little Splash ‘n Bounce photo booth rental for birthday party fun, the question isn’t why you should give us a call, it’s why not!

Funky photo station for all age groups

  • Price for 2 hours

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    Ideal for Birthday party, school events, family fun day,corporate events

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