Are you the parent of a budding little movie buff? Or perhaps you’re the main organizer of a team-building corporate event? If you’ve been scratching your head for inventive ways to entertain a large group, have we got something different for you - an inflatable outdoor movie screen rental that comes straight to you!


Who doesn’t love a good movie, right? Except… hiring out a movie theatre is not exactly practical (not to mention pricey). Now you can enjoy a personalized movie experience right in the comfort of your own home. At Splash ‘n Bounce, we’ve recognized the need for a movie theatre event that doesn’t involve renting out an entire cinema in the process. The answer: an inflatable cinema screen hire service delivered and set up right where you are.


Sound complicated? Not even close! With our inflatable outdoor movie screen rental, you’re presented with a portable inflatable cinema screen hire service that takes care of the set up and the actual running for you. All you need to arrange is the venue for your inflatable cinema screen hire and let us take care of the mechanics for you.


So how does it work? It really couldn’t be any simpler. Give us an area to work with and then let Splash ‘n Bounce delight your guests with a film of your choice. Find a space that can comfortably hold your desired number of guests as well as a Splash ‘n Bounce inflatable monitor. The screen itself has a dimension of 8 metres by 6 metres so ideally you’d need an area somewhat bigger.


And no, you needn’t just be constricted to an indoor space either. Pick between indoors or out - our inflatable outdoor movie screen rental works equally well on a hard indoor floor surface as it does on an outdoor patch of grass. A classic family film on a hot summer’s evening suddenly sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Here’s your perfect opportunity to round up your loved ones for a different kind of cinematic treat - the magic of the movies under the stars. It doesn’t get any better!


Not sure which film will best suit your needs? Let us help. Enchant your next mother’s-only luncheon with a screening of a classic rom-com. Or how about entertaining a group of corporate bigwigs with a viewing of a must-see documentary? You’ve just found the ideal way to dazzle all tastes and ages with something novel and uniquely inventive, guaranteed to delight even the pickiest of film critics. Let our inflatable cinema screen hire do the corporate climbing for you!


And who can forget the little ones when it comes to big-screen entertainment? Watch your children’s eyes light up as you celebrate their next birthday with an inflatable outdoor movie screen rental. We know what a gamble it can be to find a new way to entertain the younger generation. Tell us their all-time favourite animated film and we’ll bring it to inflatable cinema magic. Trust us - Disney has never looked this good!


  • Price on request


  • USAGE:

    Hard surface, grass

  • SIZE (L x B x H ) :

    8m x 6m


    Birthday Party, Corporate Event, School Event, Market Days

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